About Us

A Family Artisan Business

Collected Hands Studios is a family of artisans in Corrales, New Mexico who design and build home furnishings and accessories.  We sell both at local markets and online.  If you are local to (or visiting) the Albuquerque, NM area, please contact us if you’d like a tour of our home showroom.  In addition to the ready-made items, we love to work on commissions.  You can contact us by emailing or calling Tammy as indicated in the image below.

Collected Hands Textiles

Our textile design inspiration largely comes from nature such as local plants, wildlife and the brilliant blue New Mexico sky.  We also like geometric forms and  mathematical patterns.  Vibrant colors are often contrasted with sturdy fabrics such as linen and heavy cotton and hemp.  Our original artwork typically starts with with hand sketches which are then translated to stamps, stencils, screens and digital files. We print fabric by hand using a high quality, machine washable textile paint.  We also use a digital printing service, Spoonflower.com, to print yardage.   Our textile studio is a large room with tons of natural lighting and flexible furnishings so that it can quickly transition between activities.  Follow this link to see our textile studio tour.

Collected Hands Handcrafted Furnishings

Our home furnishings are an eclectic mix of bungalow, art deco and modern styles.  We are strongly influenced by the 20th century American Craftsman ideals of seeking harmony in your home, furnishings and environment.  We believe less is more, that indoor harmony is achieved with fewer high-quality furnishings that fit your lifestyle.  Our furnishings are functional as well as beautiful, they are meant to be part of your every day life.  We use both domestic and exotic hardwoods and design with clean lines to allow the wood grain and natural color to shine.

Take a look at our wood shop tour to read more about how we work.

Please use the form, below, to contact us with a specific question or collaboration idea.