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Textile Studio and Showroom

A Tour of the Collected Hands Textile Studio and ShowRoom

Enjoy this tour of our textile studio and showroom located in sunny Corrales, New Mexico, USA.

The Main Room

Textile Studio Main View

Our textile studio and showroom has tons of natural light, built-in shelves for storage of supplies and an easy-to-clean floor. The fireplace keeps us warm in the winter and the seating area is a great place to meet clients or just sit and plan.  This view shows the studio in work mode with temporary, washable coverings on the chairs and a large paint-proof tablecloth on the work bench.  Product is visible but tucked safely out of the way.  In work-mode, the walls of this well-lit area are covered in sketches and sample fabrics.  This gives us a sense, as we work,  of where we are headed with our current line.

Painting and Cutting Table

In work mode, the large work bench in the center of the room is covered with a thin layer of upholstery foam and vinyl and a large self-healing mat.  This setup can quickly transition from supporting “dirty” tasks (such as fabric painting and screening) to “clean” tasks, such as cutting and pattern design.  The upholstery vinyl and foam provide enough cushion for stamping and screening and the vinyl is easy to wipe down.  However, the vinyl is heavy enough to stay in place for cutting tasks.  Paints and painting tools are kept nearby on the shelves behind the table. Cutting tools are close by as well.

Tool Storage

On the far side of the work bench are a couple of carts on wheels which hold our custom stamps and stencils.  Paints, thickened dyes, paint brushes, idea books and other tools are on the shelves just behind the workbench.   Simple curtains help to hide the view of when we are in showroom mode.   Large baskets help to organize similar items such as carving tools, glues and beads.

Hand made stamps, stencils and screens
Textile studio paint storage






The Sewing Room

Beyond the main room is the sewing room.    This room has more south-facing light and plenty of wall space for more ideas and inspiration. 

The Sewing Room


My primary tools in this room are a Singer steam press and 3 sewing machines:

  • an Elna serger,
  • a 1980’s vintage portable Bernina dress-makers machine
  • and a brand new Bother heavy duty straight stitch machine.

The steam press is invaluable for preparing and heat setting yardage.  Each of the sewing machines has their special purpose.

The steam press, serger and Bernina dressmaking machine.
The Brother straight stitch machine.










In addition to these tools, the sewing room has a significant amount of storage.  Prepared fabrics and projects in-process are stored in a armoire behind the pocket door as well as in a small closet.  There is a locker for photography equipment, a locking file cabinet for hazardous chemicals and drawers and hooks for patterns.  The shower stall in the 3/4 attached bathroom has been converted into a storage locker for photographic equipment.

The Showroom

When we host studio tours or showroom events, the main studio room is placed in “showroom mode”.  The room is large enough to be staged to showcase our products in various home/lifestyle settings.  The sunny corner window makes an excellent photography bay with natural light coming from two directions.

Another work room view.






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